Saturday, June 11, 2011

9th Birthday session done at Sweetie Peaz Frozen Yogurt!

So this one is very special to me, because she is MINE! Yup!  She is my little girl who is growing up! Crazy! Well one of her favorite places is Sweetie Peaz Frozen Yogurt… so since it is SOOO adorb inside we decided… PHOTO SHOOT! Yup! We did!! The manager let us come in before they opened so we could catch these beautiful shots of my daughter and one of her BFF’s :)  You can check out the yogurt shop HERE!

Brooklyn11 Brooklyn1 Brooklyn2 Brooklyn5 Brooklyn6 Brooklyn7 Brooklyn8

Monday, June 6, 2011

C Family Preview

I have known this family for years, I watch their little girl :) I FINALLY talked them into having a photo session with me! Whoo Hoo!! We had a lot of fun joking around.. well me trying to get dad to have fun :) You can see my pics on their website as they have their own business! Check em’ out at 

Codd5  Codd6 Codd8 Codd9dwnszd Codd13 Codd14 Codd18 Codd22 Codd25 Codd26

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Don't Forget!!

So many people have been asking if I have a website for my cakes and cake pops, and well I do..sort of :) I've had my cake info on my photography page which is obviously where you are reading now :) But I decided to specify a "tab" just for my "Buttercream Glitz" cakes and such :) Cute huh? I thought so too! Anyway, if you need more info please just click on the tab above ^ and you'll get everything you need! Any questions, just contact me! Thanks!!